How To Help

Charitable contributions make a tremendous impact in the lives of mothers and their infant children, who receive the program’s services at no charge. When you support Every Child Succeeds, you make it possible for more mothers to provide a health nurturing home for their children.Every Child Succeeds is a 501 ( c ) 3 organization and all gifts are tax deductible.

Please visit our donate page here to learn more about how we use the donations we receive. Thank you so much for your support.

* Please note that if you would like to volunteer at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, please call (513) 636-4396 for more information.
Families who participate in Every Child Succeeds do so voluntarily and share one important goal: to provide a healthy home that will help their child learn and grow. This commitment to being good parents is a key ingredient to their success and the success of Every Child Succeeds. Every Child Succeeds works with at-risk, first-time moms and their families who need extra support.

To be eligible for the Every Child Succeeds program, women must:

  • Live in either Butler, Clermont or Hamilton counties in Ohio; or Boone, Campbell, Grant, or Kenton counties in Kentucky;
  • Be pregnant or have a baby under three months of age at the time of enrollment;
  • And meet at least one of the following criteria: single mother, low income, received late or no prenatal care, under 18 years of age

If you would like to refer someone to Every Child Succeeds, please download a referral form.

Referral Form: OhioReferral Form: KY

Send the completed materials by fax or by mail to:

Referral Coordinator | Every Child Succeeds

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

3333 Burnet Ave., MLC 3005 Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3039

Fax: 513-636-2460






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